Thursday, 29 March 2007

ME again !

I am muzing about ME again today - because this afternoon I am leading an O60s group and have decided to share a talk I was asked to do about 2 years ago to a bunch of retired SA Officers - entitled "My Life as an Officer's Child". They wanted me to share experiences of being what we call in the SA "An OK".

So I have a powerpoint presentation outlining my life so far - a few video clips that are mildly amuzing - especially a scene of one of our family holidays in Mombasa where my brothers were particularly unkind to me by throwing my fav doll into the sea etc etc...

BUT anyway, I am left thinking - do people really want to know about my life? It is boring for me to talk about - but realise that perhaps to someone who has never been outside Romford, it may sound quite an exciting life.

Question to pose today is - Do experiences shape you?

I guess the answer is what experiences am I providing for myself and my family that will enhance and not harm in the future?