Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Sooo Trusting !

A surreal thing happend to us on Monday. Edward, Richard and me went into London for the day. SP&S / IHQ / Tate Gallery / St Pauls then walked back to Liverpool Street to get train back home. Just before we got the train home we decided to have a drink in McDonalds at the station. As we were sitting there a well dressed gentleman came to the chair beside me and put a plastic bag and briefcase down on the table and said "would you mind just keeping an eye on these please while I go to the toilet and order my food?"....I promptly said "sure, that's fine, no problem".

The moment he left and disappeared out of sight we looked at each other and realised what a trusting thing I had just agreed to do....."What if this is not just an innocent couple of bags?" What if it is a.....whisper....bomb?" Realising that we had left Hannah at home on her own - I then said "you better take Edward and get the train...I'll meet you back home - can't risk all three of us getting blown up!"

The next 3/4 mins were taken up with Richard and I arguing over who would be most missed and who Hannah and Edward needed the most. Both of us had good arguments for the other person to be the one to stay with the children. Neither of us suggested that we ALL leave !

Just as it was beginning to become a bit of an issue - the very gentle man waved at us as he ordered his food and very soon had joined us and his bags once again. He said "Thank You" and I said "Your Welcome" and we quickly left to get our train. Little did he know the anxiety he had caused the three of us.

Very odd few mins - but on reflection - how sad it is that we now live in a world/society that makes us so suspiceous (hope I have spelt that right....mmm?). Would I say "yes" again....I don't actually think so !