Saturday, 31 May 2008

Grace & Forgiveness full and Free !

Been staring out at my garden today. Recently have spent quite a bit of money and time on getting it looking better and more colourful. It is now a pleasure to look at. But this morning, I noticed the neighbours tall red rose bush is coming over our fence and adding a depth of colour to our garden - making it even more beautiful!

Our current sermon theme is "What's so amazing about Grace" and this week in our small groups we will be looking at Forgiveness when it seems impossible. As I looked at my garden and the colours of our own garden being so enhanced by the lovely red roses, I thought of God's grace enhancing our poor attempts at being Christlike....full of grace, truth and forgiveness !

So I have decided today, I want to be a rose ! Those who know me, if you see me being more like a weed - please just remind me of this blog :-)