Monday, 28 January 2008

A Family Night In

I am just about to make a cup of tea and settle down for the evening after a days work....think to myself, "be nice to have an evening with the family".... but these days that generally means:-
Eldest child either on sofa or our bed with the laptop talking on MSN to her friends - far more exciting than real conversation with the family.
Youngest child doing homework and watching what he wants on the TV
Husband in and out of office answering building related emails, and then wanting sports on TV
ME....well, worst offender of all - since kids been home I have gone from kitchen, my computer, eat my tea, back to computer, hang washing up, back to I am ready to sit down and of family settled in what they are doing - so I guess it is another night in with the family - at least we are in the same house :-)