Thursday, 26 April 2007

360 profile

I have learned today that there is no such thing as failure just feedback ! Interesting :-)
Do I like Feedback? Well, I certainly hate failure ! Today has been helpful though to put some things into perspective and to have "space" to give myself a kick up the backside vocationally speaking ! Thank you to those of you out there who took part in my 360 profile, really appreciate your feedback and want to assure Romford SA I will do my best for you all (and God of course !). Luv ya

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Mum's the word and loneliness

Two things on my mind today....Firstly, couple times recently I have heard children call their parent by their first name and not "Mum". I think this is really sad. There are only two people in the world who have the right to call me "Mum" - and that is really special to me. I just felt when I heard their first names being used by their child that a line was being crossed and a devaluing of "Mum" was taking place.....probably being silly - but just the way I feel about it. I know a 59 year old who sometimes refers to her Mum as "Mummy" that may be a little bit odd but part of me loves that too - because "Mummy" is even more special because for me it is even more intimate. Secondly, I have been involved in a few conversations today about loneliness and how even within a Church fellowship such as ours, some are not totally embraced.....touched a few raw nerves and realised that maybe I understand more than they actually will ever know - made me realise too how "closed" some hanging about groups are after the do we put this right? BUT I also know that each one of us (including myself) needs to make however we want the fellowship to be, happen - we have to make it happen for ourselves too.

Sunday, 15 April 2007


"Tomorrow never comes" .... sometimes I wish that were really true, because our tomorrows do come and we do have to face whatever that particular "tomorrow" promises/demands. The amazing thing is that at the end of the "tomorrow" I look back and realise that God's grace is just there bringing me through - All things come to pass! This of course applies to both the "tomorrows" we look forward to as well as the ones we don' I need to grasp each "tomorrow" and make it the best "present" that I can because each day/opportunity to live life to the full is very quickly over........can you believe that we are nearly at the end of April already!!