Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Loss of Human Contact

Hi....I am frustrated and also intreged (spelling?) this week! I have just joined FaceBook - much to my frustration! However, I am also very excited to see some long lost friends still accepting me as one of their friends, even after many years of not actually seeing them face to face. FaceBook is addictive and we have had to put in some home ground rules (well we will do!) and a great way to keep in touch - with pictures too !

BUT I am afraid this is the beginning of the end of human contact. Will we - or the next generations to come - loose the art of face to face conversation and interaction?

It is very easy to type away your feelings etc etc....but quite another thing to actually talk to someone about them.

I had the privilege of meeting with someone for 2 hours this afternoon for a catch-up chat (the biggest and bestest bonus of my job!) and it just prompted me to blog these thoughts. Interacting in conversation, body language, laughter, tears etc etc....personal sharing one to one....must not be allowed to be replaced by our internet relationships!

FaceBook and Blogging are fantastic means of communication but I must be careful never to use these internet "conversations" as a substitute to either a phone call or a face to face chat.


Dawn said...

The biggest thing I miss about Uni - the lectures/seminars, housesharing, free time - is the time spent simply 'being' together. I had a bit of a reputation at college (Sarah will tell you!) but there were SO many people to share with!

The other day a colleague, (whose classsroom is only nextdoor but one) asked if we could 'do lunch'. We have waltzed passed each other for the past couple of weeks, sharing "Morning"s, "Goodbye"s, teacher-talk in front of children etc but have absolutely no idea what is going on in each others lives, so we arranged to meet in the staffroom at lunch.

Ok, so the lunch was only about 12 minutes, so between chewing we probably got about 7 minutes chat (!) but it just totally demonstrates that we simply need to make time for face to face contact.

Fiona said...

I do agree, but don't you find face to face contact hard when it comes to sharing personal things. Liz always jokes that I don't do "Personal" face to face, but give me a phone and I go for it!!!

John said...

I wouldn't worry too much. There are recent studies that have indicated that the explosion of social networks,e-mail, Web 2.0 and all that stuff have actually increased physical interaction as well...must dig one out to show you...maybe over a coffee and a chat! :-))

Dawn said...

Fiona, you are so right (though I don't seem to have dne too badly over the past few months!) I think it depends what it is.

Ann said...

I know what you mean Fiona. I felt very uncomfortable when I had my coaching session with a professional life coach a few weeks ago. It is much easier for me to be on the other end of things ! I am exploring the possibility of seeing a Spiritual Director from another Church, to keep me accountable for my own spiritual growth. Part of me is not looking forward to this face to face interaction - but I know it will be a good thing to do. Just pray hard she is not too expensive :-)

John said...

Hi Ann

You should check this related post out:

J :-)