Monday, 28 January 2008

A Family Night In

I am just about to make a cup of tea and settle down for the evening after a days work....think to myself, "be nice to have an evening with the family".... but these days that generally means:-
Eldest child either on sofa or our bed with the laptop talking on MSN to her friends - far more exciting than real conversation with the family.
Youngest child doing homework and watching what he wants on the TV
Husband in and out of office answering building related emails, and then wanting sports on TV
ME....well, worst offender of all - since kids been home I have gone from kitchen, my computer, eat my tea, back to computer, hang washing up, back to I am ready to sit down and of family settled in what they are doing - so I guess it is another night in with the family - at least we are in the same house :-)


Dawn said...

Not that it'll make you feel any better, but I spend most evening's on my laptop - working (that's working, not blogging!) Right now, Sarah and I are both sat at the same dining room table, heads down, not a word spoken between us for at least...(well, I can't keep quiet for too long, it's just not in my nature!)

Jenny said...

Yes Denis and I are the same we even talk to each other on MSN which is very sad but it saves moving from one room to another!At least tonight we are next to each other...both feeling lazy and working on laptops on the sofa (mind you it is now 10.40 so time to relax!)

Dawn said...

Something has gone wrong in the world hasn't it?!

Kirst said...

I live on my own! I spend my evenings on my laptop (doing work usually) on my sofa with something random on the TV.

Jude said...

it is a crazy world bt i'm glad u all do it coz it means i can read blogs & chat to ppl wen i'm supposed 2 b doing work....!