Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Am I Ready ?

An interesting thing happened to me today (as if that doesn't happen every day !). Arrived back from dropping kids off at YP Band and saw our neighbours walking back to their house from a family stroll around the estate. They explained that they had been looking for a bigger house and had seen one like ours up for sale. Bonnie went on to ask me details about the sizes of rooms in our house etc etc......I then said - "would you like to come and have a look around?" WHAT WAS I SAYING ?- haven't tidied house properly for over a week and every room was (in my eyes) an absolute tip! What state was our bedroom in? Oh help how do I get out of this one? Well, I didn't she was obviously interested and said - "that would be great thanks!" SO before I had chance to get in the house and just double check etc - we were ALL walking into the I reaffirmed they were very welcome in my home, but "please excuse the mess as we are a very busy family home !" For the next half hour I walked our neighbours through our house, room by room....including seeing the ant powder I had had to sprinkle all over the living room floor and coffee table just prior to YP Band !

Fortunately they are a lovely family and we get on very well with them. They accepted us as we were and understood our busy life and in fact Bonnie was very kind and said "Its not as bad as all that!" Incidentally Jamie is a Fireman and inspected our alarms while he was at it ! The one downstairs has been disconnected from mains as well as battery and I didn't even know we had one downstairs (4 years on..!)

ANYWAY why has this prompted a blog? It has prompted me to think about how ready am I for Jesus if He were to come back tonight? what "spiritual mess" would He find? What excuses would I give? mmmmmmm will continue to ponder on these things. Am I Ready? Are you Ready?


Liz said...

I am never ready for an impromptue visit to my home. I had a chat with someone in the garden yesterday evening, as I was so unnerved by the lived in-ness of my house!Funny thing is, the garden is even more lived in.

As to being ready for a 'spiritual visit' - I'm just as lived in at the moment. Hoping that the Roots weekend will refocus/ retune me :)

Fiona said...

If you know me well - you will understand (!) that I try and have one room tidy and ready to receive unexpected visitors. Don't always achieve it, but I do try. Don't ever venture upstairs!!!!!! It's the twilight zone.

Need a "spiritual" kick up the backside this weekend.

Dawn said...

You guys have made me giggle - I use to wash up or dry up at Liz's and now they've a dishwasher I don't get the chance (!) and if I remember rightly, the last time I went to Fiona's I plumped the cushions on all her sofas as soon as I walked in the door! I can't help it, I like to be helpful (hopefully not offending!)

Kirst said...

I am determined to keep my new house tidy!

Spiritually? Hmm...

John said...

Hi Ann!

Hope you are all well!