Monday, 24 March 2008

Music or No Music ?

Easter Sunday was an interesting day for me. In the morning we shared with the URC congregation and experienced a special time around Communion and Blessing. There was dignity and freedom, some congregational singing of songs we didn't really know - so words had to be read and taken in.

In the evening we had our own service with a few of the URC joining us, which was great. We had every musical section on duty in an Easter Praise celebration. It was a good meeting, but my reflection today is - do we use music to generate emotions? By contrast to the many spoken words we heard in the morning in liturgical readings, do we allow our music to do the thinking for us?

Was there any point in allowing all the music sections to take part so often in one meeting? Why do we fill every moment with sound? There was a one point last night, to be perfectly honest, that I felt it was "battle of the bands"!

I wonder how we would cope without any music one Sunday? mmmmmmmmm


Dawn said...

Speaking as someone who walked away last night emotionally drained, I think I'm free to have a good go at considering this one!

I was SO embarrased with the 'Battle of the Bands' last night. I think, if I'd had my way, Worship Band wouldn't have sung Dance of the Trinity at the end.

I do worry about the music being the instigator of emotion, but for me last night, it was nothing to do with the music at all. For me, it was a build up of all the rollercoaster of thoughts I'd had during the week, culminating in Richard's sermon.

However, I do think that worshipping is emotive.

Isn't that the point?

If you enter worship 'feelingless' (is there such a word?!) surely the question 'are you truely worshipping?' should be asked?

As for letting 'the music fade'...I have said it before and will support it all the way - GO FOR IT. It would strip away a lot of what we know, particularly at the Army....and I wonder what it would reveal? Let's find out!

Jenny said...

Sunday morning at Tylers Common was just THE BEST for me. Absolute silence...snow felt as if God was gently dropping His blessings on us. No fanfare, nocrash of drums, no music! but such blessings. I could have stayed there all day ...had it not been so cold!! but another thought...He doesn't want us to a shelter...but go and share those blessings. So roll on tomorrow!

Liz said...

'Let loaves abound' - nuff said!

Fiona said...

I think the music might not generate emotions, but it certainly does give some an outlet for them. In a way they would not be able to do with the spoken word. There are countless times, the words and music speak to me or enable me to say things I would NEVER be able to say myself. Thank God that he inspires people to write such words and music. The Songster song on Sunday evening, Deep Deep Love, I think is one of the best songs we sing. Simple yet profound.

And as one who went to a church school and had to attend communion service every month, personally I find the whole thing emotionless!! Certainly in the Church of England, the whole thing is just done by rote. Where's the feeling in that!? Surely that's just going through the motions?
Just my opinions obviously!!

And Worship Band, I enjoyed Dance of the Trinity. I didn't think there was a battle, just choice and it showed that we use different styles to worship and not always the same old!!! It was good to hear you!!!!

Ann said...

I agree with Fiona, sharing in the different styles is very important and something we are so fortunate to be able to enjoy and "use".

I think for me the "noise" I felt/heard was not related to what actually happened during the meeting but something else I have to deal with.

The most important thing I must remember and remind us all is that amidst the music there was space for the Holy Spirit and He did turn up and do His stuff in more ways than one ! God is Good !

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