Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Is God like a foreman?

Just wondering if God is bit like a foreman? Yesterday we spoke to the foreman oversighting the bricking up of the new extension at the Hall. He was on the otherside of the road just observing the men as they worked. I guess he was just watching their workmanship and then would get involved if something was not going right.

Does God stand back and watch us and then step in if necessary? Or is he more hands-on than that?


Kirst said...

*Gasps*! Ann, that is one of the biggest questions I have!!!!

Liz said...

I'm not sure that God would get involved just if something wasn't going right - my view ( could be wrong) is that God's involved all the time, but we do make mistakes despite that and then we become aware of our need of him and then he teaches us through that maybe?

Just my view :)

Ann said...

I think your right Liz. The interesting thing about this particular foreman (not knowing that many before!) Is that he appears to be everywhere at once :-) Wherever, we walked, he was there....Now that IS like God :-)

So Kirsty...God is just there . full stop !

Kirst said...

Been re-thinking about all this. I think it depends on what is meant by the word involved. I don't think that he is controlling everything on our behalf all the time - that would be like saying when we sin God makes us do it. So he obviously stands back and lets us make those choices - but I guess He can still involved without controlling. In that sense He maybe is standing back and watching.

Liz said...

JUst finshes reading Jeff Lucas's Goung Public book and he says, ' The God ofwind, earthquake and fire can do all manner of incredible things..........blah blah....... Yet therte is one thing he cannot, will not do.He won;t make up our minds for us....God refused to dehumanise the crown of his creation, mankind, by taking away his right to choose and that commitment is eternal.'

SO, in effect, in control, but not controlling.